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May 2013
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pari_nicole79 [userpic]

Why has the RoLo community gone virtually dead? I do see posting of new stories at the RoLo fic archive site, but very rarely and usually by the same handful of authors. So where is everybody at I miss you guys!

pari_nicole79 [userpic]

Hey Guys I have suspended the site because I was informed by a member that they got a virus warning when they tried the access the site. I didn't get one and I had the same AVG virus protection. But I still decided to check the server, and I looks like the connection isn't secure. So to be on the safe I am having my host look into this for me, hopefully we will get a quick resolution and have the site back up. I do this for your protection and I hope you understand.

pari_nicole79 [userpic]

Welcome to the new RoLo Realm LJ, I will be using this journal mostly when the website is down, this way I ca keep in touch. So bookmark the page and come here whenever the main site is down, I'll most likely post the reason here.

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